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Thank you for your interest in the upcoming term at Waterstone Christian Academy. We hope this information sheet will be helpful as you plan your child’s year. Our school runs on a term system. We operate year-round, with the year divided into three terms (Fall, Spring, and a shorter Summer term -- see school calendar for dates). To register, please request a Registration packet at waterstoneacademy@gmail.com.


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Prior to admittance to Waterstone, we want to ensure this is the best environment for each child.  We invite each family interested to bring their child for an evaluation.   

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Lively little learners (Ages 3 1/2 and up)

Enrollment at Lively Little Learners is open for children ages 3 1/2 years and older. Children younger than 3 1/2 who are siblings of currently enrolled students may be considered for the new student admissions process explained below. 

  • Sessions are 3 hours and are available Monday – Friday. Morning sessions are from 9am -12pm; afternoon sessions are from 12pm-3 pm.

  • Parents may choose any combination of days subject to availability.


Academy Kids (Ages 5 – 11)

The Academy Kids program is available for grades K – rising 5th grade.

  • Morning sessions (3 hrs) are available Monday – Friday from 9am – 12pm.

  • School-day sessions (7 hrs) are available Monday – Friday from 9am – 4pm.

  • Parents may choose any combination of school days and/or mornings, subject to availability and minimum class size.


Early Drop-Off and/or Late Pick-Up Option

We also have an extended, 4.5-hour (“half-day”) session available in both the morning (8am-12:30pm) and afternoon (12:30-5pm). Sessions are available Monday – Friday, and are open to students in either of the above programs.


For all programs, a weekly schedule for the term is committed to at time of enrollment, and tuition calculated accordingly.




"I wish I could give more stars because Waterstone Christian Academy is the most fantastic children's program I have ever seen. The Brewsters cater to the needs of each child, recognizing the strengths and weaknesses. They maximize those strengths to improve the weaknesses all while the child has fun. My children love to go. They learn a tremendous amount and get plenty of time outdoors for playing and learning. They recognized a potential in my daughter to start reading at 4 years old. She just completed kindergarten
and her teacher says she reads at a second grade level now. I cannot recommend Waterstone highly enough!and her teacher says she reads at a second grade level now. I cannot recommend Waterstone highly enough!"

- MONICA, MAY 2017



"recommend Waterstone Christian Academy to everyone! There was a time as a homeschooling mother of 5 and Seminary student I was at my wits end. For my 3 year old twins boys I had NOTHING left to give! But Heidi and Perry nurtured and loved my children! I had never left my kids with ANYONE but the moment I walked into WCA I knew this was the place for my little twins. EVERYONE who uses WCA will be blessed."

-TARA, MAY 2017



"Outstanding! Engaging, enthusiastic, creative, fun, musical, artistic, wonderful. My kiddo is THRIVING."