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Understanding each child’s unique personality, learning style and motivation is key to ensuring the best possible learning environment. After a new family visit and follow-up complimentary day, we invite families to enroll their child in a 5-day evaluation. The evaluation days may be over a one week period or spread out over a longer period.

*It is recommended that the student evaluation take place prior to the start of a semester. If the evaluation period is terminated by the parent or school prior to completion the unused portion of the eval tuition will be pro-rated and refunded.

Tuition for the remainder of the term, along with supply fee, will be due upon successful completion of evaluation.


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WCA Evaluation Tuition Pricing

Lively Little Learners 3-hr session $20 / session = $100

Half-day 4.5-hr session $30 / session = $150

Lively Little Learners double (6-hr) session $40 / session = $200

Academy Kids 7-hr session $45 / session = $225

Full-day (double half-day session or 9 hrs) $60 / session = $300